Water Heating & Cooling Systems

It can be very frustrating when you eagerly anticipate a warm shower and discover that your hot water has pulled a disappearing act. And have ever wanted to quench your thirst only to be scalded by the flow of hot water instead? The domestic water system consists of hot and cold water. Supply lines carry the water to all of the relevant fixtures and appliances in your home.
So, what are the details of this operation? How does the hot and cold water remain separated?

Your cold and hot water system

The main supply line's water is ready for your cold water needs. Water gains access to your house directly from the municipal water system through a high-pressure pipe. It is then transported, via your water lines, throughout your house, finally arriving at your various fixtures and appliances.

A considerable amount of cold water consumed by a household is used for flushing toilets. Filters or water softener appliances are sometimes included in the water supply system, since much of the cold water is also used for drinking. Water filters installed under your sinks will ensure your drinking water system is free from contaminants.

Introducing: your water heater

The water heater, as its name implies, heats water. Electrical or gas & oil heating units are made of bulky steel tanks that can contain 40 to 60 gallons of water. A pipe that transports cold water from the main water supply is attached to the tank. The water is steadily warmed by the electric heating elements. A temperature range between 120 to 140 degrees F (49 to 60 C) is typically suggested for your home water heater.

Water temperature can easily be adjusted using the thermostat. The hot water is delivered to the necessary fixtures and appliances by one, or several, pipes extending from the heater. The tank can be drained and sediment cleared away by means of a drain valve located at the base of the heater. A good rule of thumb for preventive maintenance is to empty the tank once or twice a year.

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