Gas Lines Run

There is more to plumbing than just water. Gas line installation is an important part of any plumbing job. The gas lines necessary for heating and cooking are best tackled by a competent plumber. Your Chicago plumber will take care of the layout of your gas line whether you're moving, building a new home, or remodeling.

How does gas get to your house?

Distributed at low pressure to your house, your domestic gas originates from two possible sources: propane gas comes from storage tanks which are concealed underground or which are placed behind buildings, whereas natural gas comes from pipes that run under the street.

The gas company runs its lines to the curb, but getting the gas into your home is the work of your Chicago plumber. Gas lines are run by plumbers the way drain pipes are placed. Black iron or steel piping is used for natural gas; copper piping may be used for propane gas.

Dangerous gas leaks

A hazardous gas leak is easily recognizes by the typical smell of the gas. If the odor is present throughout the house, immediately turn off the main gas valve. Call the gas company immediately to notify them of the problem and find out what to do next. Don't turn on or off any electrical appliances, and extinguish any open flame.

Remember, that in case of a gas leak, even the smallest spark could set off an explosion.

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