Sewer Line

Large-diameter pipes run parallel to your household water supply lines. These comprise the drain, waste, vent (DWV) system. The wastewater from the house eventually enters the main sewer line, whose function is to carry it to your septic tank or to the sewage facility.

Since all drain and waste pipes angle down, it is gravity that actually pulls the waste down to the sewer line.

Gravity guides the contents of the sewer line on their way to the sewage system or your septic tank; any clogs or leaks in the line will announce themselves with pungent smells. Installing PVC lining in the sewer line will help lessen the chance of leaks. Plumber Chicago offers sewer inspections and other plumbing services to make sure your sewer is problem free.

Root intrusion could be the cause of your blocked sewer lines. Flushing out the obstruction with a garden hose should be your first attempt in solving the problem. A professional Chicago IL plumber will be able to aid you with a strong power auger if the problem continues unabated.

You can also use chemicals, such as copper sulfate, to stop the roots from growing back, but you should contact a plumber before adding these chemicals to the sewer line.